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Comic-Con-Logo4-570x333Comic Con 2013 is from July 17th to July 21st. This is the 4th year of’s coverage of Comic Con! In past year’s Zennie62, led by Zennie Abraham with guest bloggers and vloggers, has brought you interviews with some of the leading artists, performers, and personalities in pop culture.

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William Shatner, Roger Korman, Casper Van Diem, the late Jim Kelly and Malachi Throne, the special effects masters at WETA Digital, the stars of “Attack Of The 50-Foot Cheerleader,” “Wee Pals” legendary cartoonist Morrie Turner, have been just some of the celebrities and artists who have been in Zennie62 Comic Con videos and the focus of blog posts.

This year, Zennie62 invites you to brand our coverage. Your name or company name will appear in a panel at the start or finish of each Comic Con video, and “Super Sponsors” will have their names read by me, Zennie Abraham before the start of each video, with a short mention of the person or their business.

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A $900 contribution gets a “Super Sponsor” status, where your name and company info is posted in a short video before each individual Comic Con video. You’re basically in a short pre-video commercial. Plus, you’re mentioned in the first paragraph of each and every blog post about Comic Con on That will come to at least 10 videos, and 10 blog posts, minimum, and certainly more than that. Moreover, each video and blog post is distributed to 12 different social media platforms.

A $250 contribution gets you a front video plate mention. Here, your name is in a white text on black panel that appears before the video.

A $100 contribution gets you a back video plate Here, your name is in a white text on black panel that appears after the video.

A $50 contribution gets your name on the video credits plate at the end, with other sponsor names.

What’s great about this opportunity is it lasts beyond the five-day Comic Con experience, and for years to come. We will send you a daily video and blog upload report before and during and just after Comic Con 2013. The promotion starts when you pay to join our Comic Con coverage, which is already underway in its pre-view stage.

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Your sponsorship contribution will go to secure a San Diego-area hotel room for four nights, from July 17th to July 21st, and any amount above that will go first to San Diego ground transport expense, then to remote Zennie62 bloggers and vloggers.

Join us!

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