UPDATE: Joe Paterno Dies – A Tribute

This is a shocking development. Joe Paterno. JoePa. The Penn State Football heac coach, who, since 1966, has won more college football games than anyone else, was fired Wednesday. The decision came from the Penn State Board of Trustees to release Paterno, and University President Graham Spanier from their jobs at the college.

Here’s John Surma Jr., vice chairman of the Penn State Board Of Trustees:

Defense Coach Tom Bradley will take over on an interim basis for the outgoing Paterno.

The reasons for the dramatic decision came after revelations that both Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno knew about the awful sex abuse actions of former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky, yet failed to notify law enforcement, chosing, instead, to keep the entire matter as an internal affair.

While the reaction of Penn State students was to riot, storm the college, and take it out on the media…

..and hold rallies like this one in Beaver Canyon:

The 84-year-old JoePa called for calm, told fans to “always remember, we are Penn State,” and to “beat Nebraska,” before saying that he and his wife have 17 grandkids, from 16 to 3, and they pray for all of them, and for the kids who were sexually abused by Sandusky.


Penn State alums were supportive of the decision, judging by the read of Penn State Football forums:

Joe needs to
by kjcarter32, 11/10/11 9:46 AM

come out and accept what happened. support the decision of the BOT, tell people to calm down and that they did what they had to do. support Bradley and the new HC. support the team. offer to become a spokesperson for child abuse organizations, and continue to support the university. he can save his legacy yet.

Joe knew what Sandusky was doing
by SkatmanGuru12, 11/10/11 9:46 AM

long before 2002 and the “shower scene”. I am sorry, but Sandusky didn’t just retire in 1999 because he wanted too. Joe Paterno knew through all the allegations that Sandusky was abusing young children, and did nothing to stop it (when in 1998 he could have). Paterno and Sandusky had a falling out and Paterno just let it at that. How could a HS throw Sandusky out and realized what they found/saw….yet PSU couldn’t? Because PSU didn’t want to see it, they knew what was happening. Their solution was to tell Sandusky to get the heck of there!??!! So he was free to abuse kids, just make sure it’s not on PSU’s clock. Joe Paterno just wanted Sandusky out, so when the abuse was found out…he’s not a staffer at PSU.

So we’re wondering if Paterno did enough, BIG FAT NOPE! Some things far exceed football and it’s real life situations. Why would Sandusky just retire? Duhhhhhh

Stay tuned.

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