Jill Broadhurst v Nicolas Heidorn For Oakland City Council District Four

Jill Broadhurst v Nicolas Heidorn For Oakland City Council Jill Broadhurst has a challenger in the race for the Oakland City Council District Four Seat: Nicolas Heidorn.

Nicolas is a former intern to Cal Governor Jerry Brown. Jill is Executive Director of East Bay Rental Housing. This is her second run for the seat; it’s Nicolas’ first.

With Rank Choice Voting, this could be a weird outcome assuming that the majority of voters pick both Broadhurst and Heidorn as one and two, or the reverse.

This Oakland City Council race cries for another name, if only to prevent the really weird, and potentially hair-thin close election that will come of this.

See, in a formal, winner-take-all voting format, the candidate that spends the most money will win, absent some kind of massive gaffe. But in this rank-choice-voting environment, one candidate could outspend the other, and yet effectively drag along the challenger; all the voter has to do is pick the other as the alternative choice.

What a mess.

Stay tuned.http://ift.tt/1iJsIhh

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