Jersey Shore: Meatballs in Riccione

Team Meatball dominated episode seven of season four of Jersey Shore. The crew all went on a vacation to Riccione, Italy – which the cast members describe as being like a beach and Snooki goes on trying to say it’s like “the edge of the continent.” In any event, the episode was mainly focusing on Deena and Snooki’s drunk antics.

When they get to Riccione (The “Italian” Shore) in their FIATs (they went for one night and each person packed at least three bags) they see their beautiful rooms and then the boys and girls separate and the boys “hit the boardwalk.”

The boys see an Italian guy that looks just like Mike – which was funny, and then they just go get some lunch and drinks and walk around and enjoy the view.

The girls get in their bikinis and dresses and go get some shots. The girls ask the bartender if he knows what a “cooka” is, and then a random man tells them that it’s unladylike for them to be talking about vaginas in public, basically. But the girls say, “We’re from Jersey – we don’t care.” Clearly.

Deena and Snooki get a million times more wasted than JWOWW and Sammi. All four of them go shopping and Snooki spends over $400 on Hello Kitty stuff, and then the drunk ness just gets too much for Sammi and Jenni to handle so they leave the meatballs behind.

Team Meatball finds some random spot outside to start dancing and the boys suddenly appear out of no where; Sammi and JWOWW are still just hanging out the two of them so that’s good that they spend quality time together.

Snooki in a bushSnooki runs head first into a bush and Deena dances so that her underwear comes off.

Dinner without the MeatballsThen the boys leave the Meatballs and tell them to meet up for dinner at around 9. Well, 9 rolls around and everyone is enjoying dinner except the meatballs. It isn’t until they are paying the check that the Meatballs show up and decide it’s time to eat. Everyone is annoyed with the girls.

The car ride TO the club is so drunk with the Meatballs that JWOWW says that this is how the ride HOME should be not the ride THERE.

Once they hit the club Deena shows off her private area because she forgot to put her underwear on, and when JWOWW informs her Deena just shrugs her off. And then for about three hours straight it seems Deena and Snooki are full on making out. Vinny and Pauly D say they are not turned on by this and Sammi questions if Deena is a lesbian.

Snooki and Deena making outIn the car ride back from the club Sammi makes a remark that Snooki and Deena are making out longer than her and Ron do! The two then stumble into bed together.

The next morning the drunk messes sleep the day a way while the rest of the household goes out and hangs out gets stuff done and enjoys their last day in Riccione before heading back to Florence. The Meatballs get awoken when it is time to pack back for Florence and they both can’t remember what happened the night before.

When they get back to Florence Snooki calls up Jionni to tell him that she and Deena were making out and luckily he was fine with it.

Next there’s Deena and Snooki driving round Florence and then BOOM – Snooki crashes into a police car, and then that is where it will pick up next episode.

Good stuff.
Snooki are you okay?

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