Jeremy Renner Brought Foul-Mouth To Mission: Impossible Set

Jeremy Renner’s went from good actor, to up-and-comer after his breakout movie The Hurt Locker, and now he’s a true A-list star, working alongside Tom Cruise and going off to exotic locations like Dubai to shoot, in this case, the newest Mission: Impossible movie, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Filming in Dubai created trying challenges related to the Middle East heat, and that brought out the worst in Renner. According to a source who worked close to Mr. Renner on the set of Mission: Impossible, the very demanding and well-liked actor was given to the occasional vulgar outburst because of the searing conditions – most famously this one: ‘How long am I going to sit here playing with my balls with my tongue?’

Renner was also said to be impatient with others to be ready to go when a scene was about to be made. In all, set workers are faster to blame the heat than Renner, saying that they were pleased to have worked with him.

When things were cool.

Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol will be released December 21st.

Stay tuned.

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