Jenna Talackova On The View: Miss Universe Comp Next For Transgender

Jenna Talackova On The View: Miss Universe Comp Next For Transgender
Jenna Talackova
Jenna Talackova is a name you’ve not heard of, unless you see the words “transgender Miss Universe Canada” – the more common description used for her.

Appearing on the view just 14 minutes ago, Ms. Talackova announced that since the rules of the Trump Organization contest were changed for her, and at the behest of famed LA lawyer Gloria Allred and Donald Trump (who owns the contest), she would compete in the global Miss Universe event, should she win Miss Universe Canada.

On The View, and appearing with Ms. Allred, Jenna Talackova explained to the hosts (Joy Behar, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Barbara Walters, and Whoopi Goldberg) that she had “reassignment” surgery at 19, and prior to that, she was called “Walter” and said she already felt feminine.

The only two issues this blogger has with her choice, is that Jenna can’t give birth, and that she was able to afford to have her body changed and is competing against a number of contestants who, it’s a fair bet to say, don’t have the same resources. In other words, money allows Jenna Talackova to compete, and possibly beat, other women who want to make money off their own womanly looks.


I understand that Ms. Allred is representing Jenna Talackova, and that it’s good (well, sorta good) publicity for her law firm, but it seems contradictory in a way to say you’re working for women but then back a person who was a man who wants to compete against women. I’m not entirely married to the point of view I just explained, but it’s something I’m struggling with.

The old view is ‘deal with what God gave you’ and I subscribe to that. Personally, it’s better for a person to learn about the World via their own face – in other words how people respond to them for who they are. Now, the flip side of this point of view of mine is that I believe everyone deserves to be happy on their own terms as long as that does not hurt someone else’s ability to live their life.

But that’s a long book; the current issue is Jenna Talackova was able to “reassign herself” and is going to compete for the Miss Universe crown.

Stay tuned.

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