Jane Lynch Amazing Emmy Awards 2011 Opening

The best thing about the Jane Lynch Emmy Awards 2011 Opening, other than Ms. Lynch herself (who I didn’t consider attractive on Glee, but off Glee, she’s not bad), was Leonard Nimoy as the President Of Television, who said “Jayne, you were the most logical person to host the Emmy Awards.”

The other totally hilarious bit in the segment has to be explained in proper context: Lynch is going from television show set to television show set, from Big Bang Theory to Mad Men, and with references to many other TV shows, like the recently cancelled Entorage. But the best part is when she’s on the set of Mad Men, talking with the characters about the modern world, including Lesbians, short hair, and a woman’s role as being beyond getting some guy a cup of coffee.

On the whole, a classic segment.

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