Hotel Finn Invites Bloggers For Job To Stay In Rooms

7196838 Hotel Finn, a newly-renovated hotel in Helsinki, Findland, gets social media; seeks bloggers!

Regular readers of this space know that this blogger has made sponsorship agreements with hotel brands in the recent past and tied to events like Comic Con or the NFL Draft. The idea is to produce video content about that event, and install mention of that hotel brand in each video and blog, and also to make content about that hotel brand during the stay. For the brands that participated in this – Small Luxury Hotels of The World, Kings Inn San Diego, Marriott Century City – the approaches as worked, as Zennie62 content containing each hotel continues to be seen to this day.

Here’s an example from The Kings Inn for Comic Con 2010:

I’ve also wrote a blog post on this called “Hotels And Social Media: How Bloggers And Hoteliers Can Work Together.

Frankly, it’s hard for some hotel social media and marketing managers to see the value of this approach, but that seems to be changing. Hotel Finn in Helsinki is looking for a blogger to stay in its hotel for 35 days and blog about it. Here’s what the Hotel says on its blog:

In the near future we will accommodate a person to live 35 days in 35 different rooms in the heart of Helsinki at Hotel Finn. This person will share his thoughts, adventures & experiences of living in the best spot of summery Helsinki. So, prepare yourself for a blog journey that you’ve never read before. Hotel Finn is the cheapest and the best hotel in the cold and expensive capital of Finland – Helsinki.

So if you want to sign up for this adventure, sadly, the Hotel Finn lacks a “JOBS” link to a page from its website, so try going to its Facebook page and asking:

Good luck! And thanks to the Hotel Finn for getting social media! More hotel brands should do this and in the way that I’ve instructed, tied with big events, so they get the benefit of more views and traffic.

Stay tuned.

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