“Hot Or Not” Facebook Friend App Better Than Facemash; $1,000 Contest

hot-or-not-app The new “Hot Or Not” app for Facebook is really interesting, especially considering that Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly started that social network as something called “Facemash.”

“Hot or Not” is really a far better variation of Facemash that really can be a useful time waster, or a window into what could be a cool dating relationship.

But for those of you who don’t know what Facemash is, or was, it was a social network Zuckerberg created that allowed Harvard students to chose between two randomly selected pictures of Harvard students in the network, and then invited the user to select which one of them was hotter. The tasteless aspect of Facemash was that the user was presented with the choice of one student or the other, causing all kinds of gossip regarding who was hot, and who wasn’t, at Harvard.

lucy-hotornotThe “Hot or Not” App (for iPhone, iPad, and Android) manages to remove the comparison factor and just gives you the private decision of whether you think a Facebook user is hot enough for you to select. If you choose otherwise, no one knows that except you.

The newest version of “Hot Or Not” also allows you to see if you have common friends and common interests. And the app will not post anything to Facebook without your permission.

In fact, the design of the app is such that posting to Facebook is not part of its primary design – you can scroll through profiles presented to you at random and in private. Moreover, the person will not know that you think they’re hot unless they feel the same way about you, and only as expressed via use of the “Hot or Not” app. (Find out more at the Hot or Not Facebook page here: http://www.apptism.com/sweepstakes/

Whether you’re just using “Hot Or Not” for the first time, or you’re already a full blown “Hot Or Not” addict, enter to win today, no purchase is required!

And to try the Hot or Not App, all you have to do is download it here: http://www.tryhotornot.com

Have fun!

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