Hope Solo’s Husband Cleared Of Erroneous Probation Violation Charge

hope-soloWell, let’s see how much this is reported versus when Hope Solo’s husband Jerramy Stevens was arrested first for the altercation that occurred at her home on November 16th and just before he married Hope, and then for the alleged probation violation two weeks later.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office acted irresponsibly and just hauled Mr. Stevens in without bothering to check and see what the police in suburban Seattle Washington, Kirkland, had done. Their claim was that his arrest violated a probation period that extends back to a marijuana possession charge in 2010 (When that’s eventually legalized, all past charges should be expunged). What Washington Sheriffs had done was released Jerramy because the judge had said there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

Now, Jerramy has to check with law enforcement to make sure no erroneous charges are on his record – if so, they should be expunged so he can move on with what looks like a new start in his life.

Stay tuned.

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