Hope Solo Removes All Jerramy Stevens Picts From Twitter

Hope Solo
Hope Solo
Hope Solo, the best goalkeeper on the best women’s team in the World, the Olympics Gold Medal-winning U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team, and new Seattle Rein star, has (as of this writing) quietly removed all of the photo of herself and her husband Jerramy Stevens from her Twitter photo stream @Hopesolo.


UPDATE: As of 2013, Hope resumed posting photos of she and her husband Jerramy.

For Hope Solo, who’s used Twitter to give her fans a highlight reel of her fun life, that was a huge move – it also brings up a lot of questions. But first, I scrolled through because, as a fan of Hope’s I just had a feeling that something was amiss. And while I don’t know what that something is, removing photos of Jerramy Stevens is a generally a huge sign that something’s wrong.

Second, consider that Lindsey Vonn, the famed Olympics skier, took a similar action after her divorce from Thomas Vonn almost two years ago, now (time flies). And that’s exactly what such an action points to: divorce, or some kind of split. Removing selected photos from a social network takes a concerted effort. And Hope stopped tweeting between December 21st and January 6th, which left out the Christmas Holidays.

hope-solo By contrast, Solo had tweeted about her Thanksgiving and had a photo of she and Jerramy Stevens eating during that Holiday.

Now, that photo’s gone.

Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens started dating just two months before they were married in the fall of 2012. Then, as is explained in this video, there was an altercation at Hope’s home in November, just more than a week before Thanksgiving.

Stevens was arrested and preliminarily charged with domestic abuse, charges that were later dropped. The pair got married the next day. Stevens was then, and I think mistakenly, re-arrested in the Tampa, Florida area because of the issue in Washington, even though he was not officially charged. He was released the next day.

Then the pair had what seemed to be a nice Thanksgiving, and then on December 21st, after posting a nice photo of she and Stevens in the water, Solo went dark. No tweets at all after December 21st.

At first, I thought it was a promotional agreement to have that tweet promoting her Nike workout up, but now I’m not so sure. Something feels very wrong, and Hope kind of adds to the feeling with her new photos of herself and other guys, and other friends, but not of she and Mr. Stevens.

Well, whatever the case, it seems like Hope’s happy and moving on with her life. She’s a star with a loyal fan base and a new gig with the new Seattle Women’s Soccer team.

Perhaps nothing is wrong, and Solo just wanted to keep her family life private? But this blogger’s spider sense is tingling, and says that’s not the case; something went wrong.

I hope I’m wrong, because if I’m not, Hope must be hiding a lot of pain. That’s never a good thing.

Stay tuned.

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