Hope Solo Leaves DWTS In Tears

Hope Solo
Ok, we now know what happened that sent everything Dancing With The Stars-related into a massive tailspin. Hope Solo, who, with her dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, was eliminated just one week before the finals, reportedly left “in tears” after a member of the press backstage asked her a question that caused the super-athlete to lose composure and cry.

EOnline’s Tierney Bricker wrote this:

While Hope, who braved the press solo (no pun intended) for one interview before breaking down during an answer and being escorted out of the room in tears, was unable to speak to us about her departure, her fellow Stars talked to us about saying goodbye to the soccer player.

And that explains her absence from tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, and everything else.

Hope Solo worked her tail off against high odds, and in a culture far different than the world of sports.

Can’t say I blame her.

Stay tuned.

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