Harley-Davidson Bikers Piss Off Gavin Newsom’s Dad At Balboa Cafe: Video Hits 100,000 Views

A video this blogger created has just recently hit the 100,000 view mark after its posting in July of 2011. Called “Harley-Davidson Bikers Piss Off Gavin Newsom’s Dad At Balboa Cafe,” I made the video because Judge Newsom and the Balboa Cafe staff and patrons were complaining about the noise from the bikes – or really the noise the bikers were causing the bikes to make.

Here’s what I blogged last year:

This is a study in how not to piss of the customers of a well-known bar and restaurant in a neighborhood that doesn’t like loud noises, much. When a party’s not involved.

This blogger was at The Balboa Cafe in San Francisco’s Marina District and after The Union Street Festival, and wound up having a cocktail with Judge William Newsom, who’s son Gavin Newsom’s the current California Lieutenant Governor.

At any rate, there were two guys with Harley-Davidson Iron 833 bikes making a rukus of a noise outside the establishment and pretty much pissing-off most of the patrons; especially Mr. Newsom. So, he went and a group of others, including myself, went outside to see what was going on. And as Newsom was stewing, I figured the nuisance was best captured on video. All the better to mark the moment and get the license plate of the bikers as they performed their noise-making stunt for the World to hear.

And boy were those bikes loud!

I think I made Gavin’s dad even more famous! It’s not a really viral video, but considering it deals with a small regional population, and a popular local restaurant, maybe I can call it “quasi-viral.”

Stay tuned.

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