George Zimmerman Trial: Trevon Martin Was Murdered

Trayvon-Martin-George-Zimmerman-620x457 The George Zimmerman Trial is over and the fate of Mr. Zimmerman is in the hands of the jury in Sanford, Florida.

The bottom line is this: George Zimmerman murdered Trevon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman was not being attacked, he followed Trevon Martin, was told not to by police, kept doing so, then confronted Martin, and when it appeared that he was going to lose a fight, he shot George Zimmerman.

Since then, Zimmerman has made himself available to conservative media, like Fox News, and gotten help from conservatives like Sean Hannity. What does that tell you?

Even with that, the verdict maybe as Oakland Lawyer John Burris said: voluntary manslaughter:

Stay tuned.

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