Gary Kubiak Fired By Houston Texans One Month After Stroke

article-0-192DC38F00000578-873_634x437 Gary Kubiak Fired By Texans. Think about that.

And just at the time he was to address the media in a press conference that was scheduled for 11 AM CST, instead, we got Houston Texans Owner and CEO Bob McNair. Just took the mic from Gary. ‘Sorry. You’re done, son.’

Gary Kubiak suffered a mini-stroke just one month ago, and during the halftime of the Nov 4th game against the Indianapolis Colts. The obvious reason that such a thing could occur is the stress of his team’s performance this year. The Texans lost that game, and after being ahead for much of it.

The losses continued and frustration increased, but last night’s dismal performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars, their second to that team this year and putting them at 2-11 for the year, was the last straw for Houston Texans Owner Bob McNair. Suddenly, McNair didn’t care about Kubiak’s reaction to the news that he was going to be canned.

McNair just said to himself ‘Fuck it.’

And so, right on the Houston Texans website is this: “Gary Kubiak finished as Texans head coach.”

That’s cold: not relieved of duties, or fired, but “finished.” We felt that a change was needed at the head coach position and Gary Kubiak is no longer the head coach,” McNair said.

Plus, the Texans article actually mentioned his health issue:

Further, Kubiak collapsed on the field as he and the team headed into the locker room at halftime of the Week 9 loss to the Colts. He was taken from Reliant Stadium via ambulance to Houston Methodist Hospital, and was diagnosed as having a transient ischemic attack (TIA). He missed the next game at Arizona, and coached the two following contests from the press box at Reliant Stadium.

Futher, the paragraph was sandwiched between others, which, in total, look as if the Texans are saying “Ok, we fired him for these reasons, and oh, by the way, he had a stroke too!”


2013 started out with a pair of victories over San Diego on Monday Night Football and in overtime at home against Tennessee. But the Texans wouldn’t win again, as shakiness at the quarterback position, along with injuries to tight end Owen Daniels, safety Danieal Manning, linebacker Brian Cushing and running back Arian Foster helped to cripple to club’s chances.


Kubiak was hired by the Texans on January 26, 2006. His first season saw the team improve from just a pair of wins in 2005 to 6-10. A pair of 8-8 seasons in 2007 and 2008 followed, before the team broke through with a 9-7 record in 2009. In that season finale, the Texans came from behind to beat the Patriots at Reliant Stadium.

That’s just cold. No other way to put it. Cold.

Not a good thing to happen to someone considered a class guy by many.

Texans Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips is the interim head coach, but the entire staff will be “reevaluated.”

Stay tuned.

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