Disco Volante Oakland Closes Abruptly; Monday Last Day

DV Disco Volante Oakland has closed.

Disco Volante in Downtown Oakland, at 347 14th Street, is a very popular eatery and entertainment spot that I didn’t get to spend as much time in as I would have liked to for various reasons.

And as I write this, I’m out of town again. The last time I was there was to interview Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby for what turned out to be an epic 24 minute video posted April of 2011:

And since then I’ve been pissed with her actions leading to a report that’s racially divided Oakland, but that’s another story. (Still surprised Ruby did that.)
What I remember was having an epic, kick-ass burger.

For some reason, that epic, kick-ass burger’s going to be a thing of Oakland legend after today, Monday, August 19th. About 16 hours ago, this was posted on the Disco Volante Facebook Page:

We are sad to say that Disco Volante will be closed for business for good starting Tue morning. That being said we are having a blow out Monday night! Everything on the shelf will be $5, so come in and get your last hamburger, great stiff drinks and some good laughs. Thank you, thank you, for all the great times and support!

This wasn’t planned. It was abrupt. The Disco Volante website noted a full list of scheduled events for the month of August – nothing about closing its doors.

While I did put in an email with a question regarding the decision, I do wonder how much the opening of the new Tribune Tavern impacted business at Disco Volante. The Tribune Tavern offers a similar combination of food and drinks, but is a tad more upscale, and just about four blocks away; there’s no other competition around that part of Downtown Oakland.

Too bad.

Disco Volante will be missed.

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