Dancing With The Stars, Hope Solo, Ricki Lake, In Shape

As we approach Monday’s Dancing With The Stars, the online buzz is about Ricki Lake getting into shape at 43-years old. But the online and offline searches tilt in US Women’s Soccer Star Hope Solo’s favor. Solo’s already high level of online attention was elevated by her ESPN The Magazine nude photo release last Friday, and her appearances at the Just Dance event in LA and the Chicago Marathon today. Here’s this blogger’s video about Solo’s photos in ESPN The Magazine:

Meanwhile Ricki Lake’s great Dancing With The Stars work has earned her acclaim and a new look at her body. According to The Daily Mail, Lake said “‘I lost more than 13 inches in a month. It’s crazy.”

While Lake has been losing pounds, Solo has been losing her clothes. On Twitter, Solo tweeted…

@hopesolo Hope Solo
“How u do that?”The cover shot was taken aftr my follow through on a drop kick.I had jst struck a ball w/ full powr when the shot was taken.

Which means Hope was making soccer moves in the buff. That also means there are a ton of photos that didn’t make it into ESPN The Magazine, but are better for Playboy.

Now that Solo’s much-anticipated nude pictures are out, will it help her get more Dancing With The Stars votes? The release of the magazine on Friday caused her Google search intensity to “rise” from .5 to 4.00. By contrast, Ricki Lake’s Google search intensity currently rests at .75, and only increases to around 4.00 during the Dancing With The Stars telecasts.

Solo’s search intensity has been less during the DWTS shows, and that may be due to how many times she’s shown versus Ricki Lake. That’s just speculation based on observation, but it’s worth study.

It’s clear that Hope Solos’s ESPN photo exposure’s going to help her for Monday. The question is how much will Solo be shown versus Ricki Lake?

Stay tuned.

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