Dancing With The Stars, Hope Solo For The Win

This blogger’s still picking U.S. Women’s Soccer Star Hope Solo to win Dancing With The Stars, especially after last night’s performance, which caused her to earn her best scores to date: all 9 from the judges and a 27 total.

YEAH! Go Hope!

Ok, she’s got mean competition from Ricki Lake and JR Martinez, but, like a championship NFL Team in the 4th Quarter, Hop Solo’s peaking at the right time.

And now that she’s performing even better, and remains one of the few dancers, the media can’t ignore her! Take MTV, which reported that she’s “back in the game”:

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
The athlete danced the quickstep for her first routine, and after weeks of harsh judging, the pair finally hit their stride. The judges found them to be in sync with one another and said they had a blend of speed and control. “What’s going on tonight? It’s the night of miracles. Rebooted. Re-energized. You never moved so well. What’s going on? Your best dance yet!” Bruno Tonioli gushed. 27/30 For their instant dance, they had the jive, and this was to be their redemption dance (they’d danced the jive earlier in the season, and Solo got off her count and messed up the dance weeks earlier). The judges thought they’d made a definite improvement since the last time they did the jive, and Goodman, who had been a big critic of the couple before, said it was everything a jive should be. “The fast and the furious! You were like a wild child!” Tonioli said. 25/30
Total: 52/60

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