Courtney Ruby Runs For Oakland Mayor: SAY NO!

Courtney Ruby Runs For Oakland Mayor: SAY NO!

Courtney Ruby , the Oakland City Auditor , has filed papers to run for Mayor Of Oakland. If Ms Ruby were Oakland’s Mayor, she would use the office to take out personal vendettas and advance her own prejudices.

As Oakland’s Auditor, many of Ruby’s reports were politically motivated and racially charged. Just ask Phil Tagami, who is the builder of the Rotunda and The Fox Theater. Ruby reportedly went so far as to look into his personal life and how he met his wife.

And then there was the Oakland Auditor’s Report that singled out Oakland’s two black councilmembers for the same city staff “tampering” claims that everyone agrees can and so apply to all of the councilmembers, both current and present. The report was simply, downright racist – and many believed Courtney’s political career was over.

Then, of course, there was This is not a good candidate for Mayor of Oakland. Bryan Parker is better.

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