CES Twitter Hashtag Confusion: Uses #2013CES, Intel Buys #CES, Take Note #NMX

Well, talk about some real Twitter hashtag confusion: CES, the name of what some signs call “The Consumer Electronics Show” has used the hashtag #2013CES, with Gary Shapiro, the organization’s executive director, leading the way. (Zennie62 coverage sponsored by Tout.com)

But now, on the morning of the first official day of CES, Intel steps in and messes things up. Intel spent an estimated $128,000 to buy #CES, and formally knock off #2013CES as the hashtag of choice for CES.

Which is really logical, when you think about it. But the attendees of the New Media Expo, which enters its last day, should take note of this development, if only as a lesson: don’t try and go against what the Twitterverse is doing on Twitter.

As I told a publicist friend of mine, #CES is the most popular hashtag because the event itself is called #CES. No one gets hung-up over the year, because we all know it’s 2013. On the other hand, she was correct in stating that #2013CES was the hashtag CES was using.

Oh, brother.

Well, this blogger can only say thank God Intel stepped in to formalize this social media mess, the right way.

Stay tuned.

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