CES 2023 Exhibit Doors Opened Tuesday Night

The doors to exhibitors are open at CES 2023 and attendees are now learning about the latest tech innovations and new products that will soon hit retail stores.

Exhibitors began showing off their new technology Tuesday night, but much more is yet to come.
B-Roll from more than 3100 exhibiting companies will be available to download and share with your audience at CESbroll.com. 
Video content will be available from companies with technologies in key focus areas for this year’s show, including:

Digital Health & Sports
Electrical Vehicles
Transportation and Mobility
Technology Startups
Immersive Entertainment

Quest Global announces Partnership with TomTom to Deliver Next-Gen Digital Cockpit Solutions

  Quest Global, one of the world’s leading engineering services firms, today announced its partnership with TomTom, the geolocation technology specialist. Quest Global will be a key integration partner to deliver software and applications for TomTom’s Digital Cockpit platform.

With the surge in the demand for software-defined vehicles, this strategic partnership will be a frontrunner for OEMs that are increasingly working towards offering safe, secure and immersive experiences for their consumers. The partnership will yield next-gen infotainment solutions with a variety of connectivity and advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) features, navigation systems, and entertainment apps.

Speaking on the association, Alfonso Martinez, Global Business Head – Transportation, Quest Global, said, “We are excited to partner with TomTom as a trusted integration partner for their advanced and scalable Digital Cockpit platform. As a leading engineering services company, we have the distinct advantage of meeting the technical needs of TomTom and its clients thanks to our global presence, our multi-decade automotive expertise, and our diverse and strong bench of talented engineers. The benefits of this partnership are clear: An enhanced driver and passenger experience for consumers, and reduced time to market for automakers.”

The two companies will work with leading OEM’s across USA, Europe, and APAC, as part of this agreement. The association will leverage Android Automotive’s ecosystem and provide platform optimizations, to facilitate seamless integration of TomTom’s Digital Cockpit platform. 

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