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Are you a tech junkie? When digitial and media collecting becomes digital hoarding

Melinda Beck, a journalist with welcomed me as a psychological expert and contributor to her article,   The speed at which the technology industry is infiltrating our lives is taking a toll on our psychological well-being, and some of us are particularly at risk.  This article skillfully discusses the development, associated symptoms and treatment of […]

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Alexis Tsotsis Of TechCrunch Says AOL “Undeniably Sucks”

After it was purchased by America Online – opps, AOL – for $30 million, and saw Huffington Post Founder Arriana Huffington become the boss over it, TechCrunch tech blog has went through a huge change of people over the last year, with the departure of Founder Michael Arrington, CEO Heather Harde, and writers Paul Carr, […]

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Jeff Fluhr’s New Startup Spreecast.com

Jeff Fluhr’s a Bay Area entrepreneur and friend who is best known for his first big startup StubHub.com, of which my company Sports Business Simulations, was one of its first and best affiliates. Now, Mr. Fluhr’s launched another new startup that has promise: Spreecast.com. The idea of Spreecast.com is to promote video-based conversations between people. […]

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Sarah Lacy Strikes Back Against TechCrunch With PandoDaily.com

TechCrunch Senior Editor Sarah Lacy, who I first met when she was hanging with then-Valleywag Editor Owen Thomas, is the first former TechCrunch staffer (there are a lot of them: Michael Arrington , Paul Carr, Heather Harde, and Lacy) to actually announce that she’s going to announce a first funding round for a new venture […]

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Uploaded WordPress 3.3 For Zennie62Blog.com

WordPress just made its new update WordPress 3.3 available, and this blogger uploaded it for use at Zennie62Blog.com. It’s a much better and smoother version of Worldpress than before. The links are easier to see, and faster to respond to the cursor touch. Beyond that, it’s said to make posting faster and easier, but this […]

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YouTube Analytics Much Better Than YouTube Insight

There are an estimated 20,000 YouTube Partners, or people who make some level of money from the production, uploading, and distribution of their own original content videos. Zennie62 is one of YouTube’s first partner channels during the first year it was established, and that’s going all the way back to April of 2008, when the […]

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CNN’s Solidad O’Brien Calls Out Michael Arrington On Black Entrepreneurs

At first this blogger was just going to leave the whole issue of TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington’s statement that he “Didn’t know any black entrepreneurs” alone at one blog post. But after a series of emails, a video follow-up, the one above, was in order. And to really hammer home the point that what Michael […]

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CNN, Michael Arrington, Black Entrepreneurs, and The Invisible Man

Last week, a bit of a row ensued when Tech Crunch Founder Michael Arrington appeared on a segment of a CNN special on black entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and, under questioning by Soledad O’Brien, said “I don’t know a single black entrepreneur.” This blogger got wind of Michael’s comments because a friend, Marco Brown, a […]

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Velocomp iBike, SensoGlove Digital Golf Glove: Tech – CES 2012 News

Some really interesting tech products are being introduced as we move toward the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s two of this for this blog: Velocomp iBike and SensoGlove Digital Golf Glove. The Velocomp iBike is described this way: … by www.iBikeDash.com, a leading sports technology company and creator of the iBike Dash CC Cycling Computer […]

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More TechCrunch Disrupt Obs: Local Hero, Black Guy At Bin 38 Tech Dinner

More TechCrunch Disrupt observations as this blogger downloads the Local Hero app and checks out Wiki Org Charts, called “the first platform on the web that allows users to pool their business contacts and collaboratively map the relationships that exist within a company.” But what’s LocalHero? Well, Ana Baltodano, CEO and co-founder described it in […]

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TechCrunch Disrupt More Than Arrington v. AOL; TripTrotting, Shaker

As TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco goes into day two, what becomes apparent to this blogger is TechCrunch blog founder Michael Arrington’s “departure” from the blog itself is, for all practical purposes, cosmetic. The famed “argument” between Arianna Huffington and Michael never really happened according to Huffington herself. Michael’s just playing it all to look more […]