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Ceres asteroid vents water vapour – BBC News

BBC NewsObservations of the Solar System’s biggest asteroid suggest it is spewing plumes of water vapour into space. Ceres has long been thought to contain substantial quantities of ice within its body, but this is…

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Your password is easy to crack – The Guardian

The GuardianWe all know cyber-gangs are out there attacking websites, hoping to raid our bank accounts. Yet a new report says our most common password is still 123456. Is it laziness that makes us so…

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How Secure Are Your Passwords? – HamletHub

HamletHubApparently, it’s as easy as 123456 to hack into many people’s private, password-protected accounts on the Internet. Password management application provide SplashData has released its 2013 list of worst passwords, and “123456” tops the list…

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The worst passwords of 2013 are … – ABQ Journal

ABQ JournalSubscribe now for as little as $8 per month, and gain full access to and its digital products. First, the good news: “Password” is no longer the most common password used by people…

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Amazon mulls online pay-TV service: WSJ – USA TODAY

USA TODAYSAN FRANCISCO — may launch a new pay-TV service over the Internet in what would be a major expansion of the e-commerce company’s online video business, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday….

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Fighting fires with the help of Google Glass – CNN

CNN(CNN) — When a building is on fire, every second counts for the first responders rushing to the scene. A computer-savvy firefighter in North Carolina is hoping a bit of futuristic wearable technology and clever…

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Verizon revenue climbs on strong mobile growth – Reuters

ReutersNEW YORK (Reuters) – Verizon Communications Inc reported on Tuesday its quarterly revenue grew 3.4 percent, slightly faster than analysts estimated, as it added more subscribers than expected at its Verizon Wireless venture with Vodafone…

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Scientists add a peephole to Schrödinger’s box –

natmonitor.comScientists at the University of Rochester have begun to apply a faster, single-experiment measurement process to multidimensional quantum states known as direct measurement. Previously, measuring a 27-dimension quantum state required a costly, time …Peeking into…

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Intel TV is dead. Long live Web TV – CNET

CNETIntel had been close to signing the content deals it needed to launch its Internet-based TV service. Now it’s up to Verizon to finally get the product to market. Shara Tibken. by Shara Tibken. January…

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Leveraging The Social Media Ego – Marketing Land

Leveraging The Social Media EgoMarketing LandIt’s not surprising to find a large gap between a profile based on age and buying habits and a profile based on social messaging behavior. You might not even know…

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Did the Milky Way form ‘inside-out’ – Space Daily

Did the Milky Way form ‘inside-out’Space DailyA breakthrough using data from the Gaia-ESO project has provided evidence backing up theoretically predicted divisions in the chemical composition of the stars that make up the Milky Way’s…

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Rosetta comet-chaser phones home – BBC News

BBC NewsA signal confirming its alert status was received by controllers in Darmstadt, Germany, at 18:17 GMT. Rosetta has spent the past 31 months in hibernation to conserve power as it arced beyond the orbit…


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