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Norman Mineta Reflects On Clinton’ Speech At The Democratic National Convention

The Honorable Norman Mineta is someone who’s name you may have heard of if you live in San Jose because the local airport is named after him. The legendary cabinet member and public servant gave me his view of President Clinton’s Speech, and on the proceedings at the Democratic National Convention, saying that Clinton’s speech […]

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Rep. Barbara Lee: “I Feel An Excitement And Sense Of Urgency” At DNC 2012

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, our great California 9th Congressional District Representative, said she felt an “excitement and sense of urgency” in getting out the Democratic Party’s message not just at the Democratic National Convention, but to America between now and the November election. Rep Lee recalled her first time at a DNC convention when she was […]

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Michelle Obama Speech: DNC 2012 Delegates Share Opinions

Michelle Obama, The First Lady, gave a speech for the ages. Undoubtedly you read somewhere that the Democratic National Convention Delegates were happy, cheering, and crying. Well, what’s great about video is that you can listen to them emote about what this blogger thinks is one of the greatest speeches ever given since Ronald Reagan’s […]

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Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, Mass Rep. Barney Frank: DNC 2012

I talked with Ohio Governor (actually former Governor, but protocol says call him Gov, still) Ted Strickland just after his rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention. Walking as we talked, he repeated his assertion that manufacturing was on the come back trail in Ohio and in the USA, thanks to President Obama: “Five-hundred-thousand jobs […]

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Michelle Obama: DNC 2012 Podium Tuesday Schedule Features First Lady

This is Tuesday’s schedule of events at Time Warner Center for the Democratic National Convention for Tuesday, September 4th. Some of the highlights include the Call to Order by The Honorable Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Member of the US House of Representatives, Florida, and Platform Committee Remarks by The Honorable […]

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John Legend Closes Out Great DNC 2012 Monday

Wow. Ok, this blogger thought he wasn’t going to enjoy the day – just work through it in the bowls of Charlotte’s giant Convention Center. Well, that didn’t happen. (Zennie62 coverage sponsored by First, it was a great joy of work day – producing content related to the Democratic National Convention, plus the ability […]

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Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, full of excited people

It doesn’t matter where they come from: New York, Tennessee, California, or right here in North Carolina, the delegates attending the Democratic National Convention (coverage sponsored by are an excited bunch. From the older gentleman visiting from Tennessee, to to Obama and Democratic Party execs Buffy Wicks and Jaime Areizaga, to an elderly black […]