Boston Marathon Bombing: Alex Jones Wrong On Govt Role; Who’s Man-On-The Roof

The Boston Marathon Bombing investigation has yielded no suspects, and not a single reliable clue leading to who did it, other than the find of the exploded backpack. What the Boston Marathon Bombing is bringing is a lot speculation and conspiracy theories, including one by Alex Jones of Infowars.

Mr. Jones, who last blasted Pierce Morgan with a wild-eyed rant about the evils of gun control, was this time issuing another wild-eyed rant that the Boston Marathon Bombing may have been planned by the government – uh, the Obama Administration – to give a reason to go after right-wing extremists.

Alex Jones considers himself in that category.

But Jones is wrong, and to provide proof, I submit this February report by the Department Of Homeland Security. The report, called “Massachusetts Management Of Homeland Security Grant Program” contains an ominous warning on page 7. It reads:

EOPSS and the Boston UASI did not have sufficient performance measures to usein determining their ability to deter, prevent, respond to, and recover from actsof terrorism and natural and manmade disasters. Furthermore, FEMA has notprovided clear guidance to the Commonwealth on developing performanc emeasures.

That’s enough to give anyone pause.

Here’s the rest of the document:

Department Of Homeland Security Eval Of Massachusetts by Zennie Abraham

And Who’s The Man-On-The Roof?

And just who is the Man-On-Roof shown in the video, and why isn’t more talked about this in the mainstream media?

One news organization had the chance to do that and missed on it. Dan Lampariello, a person ABC News calls a college student, took the now famous photo that captured the man on the roof. He was on ABC News said that the photo was took after the second bomb went off. Dan Lampariello said he could feel the ground shake below him. He also said the Boston Police was right there – but no one talked about the man-on-the-roof. It wasn’t until ABC News saw the Twitter chatter about Dan’s photo, that they went back and rehashed the original story of his photo, and then added in a few paragraphs about the man on the roof.

It would have had greater impact if ABC had seen the man in the photo while on television. But, to date, no television news outlet has talked about the man on the roof during the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Stay tuned.

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