Bay To Breakers: Mamito Daska Leads Pack, Sammy Kitwara Wins For Men

The 101st Bay To Breakers is history. While Eithopia’s Mamito Daska lead all elite runners, and Kenya’s Sammy Kitwara lead all male runners, no records were set for 2012. That written, the Bay To Breakers continues to be a ground-kissing good time had by all.

I say “ground-kissing” because that’s what Dashka Manitu did when she reached the finish line:

And overall, as you can see from the Touts, the Bay to Breakers crowd was having a great time.

Bay To Breakers Times

Here are the major times for The 101st Bay To Breakers:

Mamito Daska: Ethopia: 39:02.4
Diane Nukuri John: Burundi: 40:02.3
Jelliah Tingen: Kenya: 40:33:00
Michelle Frey: Minn, USA: 40:54
Genoveva Kegan: Kenya: 41:18:00
Clara Peterson: Stinson Beach, USA, 41:32:00
Hellen Jemutai: Kenya: 41:49:00
Stephanie Pancoast: Stanford, USA: 44:25:00
Tania Fischer: Santa Monica:, USA: 46:44:00
Emily Larrimer: San Diego, USA: 47:01:40

Sammy Kitwara: Kenya: 34:40:5
Allan Kiprono: Kenya: 34:49:0
Direba Merga: Ethopia: 35:44:0
Lani Kipligat: Kenya: 35:45:0
Tesfaye Seneku: Ethopia: 35:54:0
Meb Keflezighi: USA: 36:16:0
Brian Harvey: Brighton, USA: 36:41:00
Steve Murdock: San Diego, USA: 36:44:00
Bradley Croker: Australia: 38:08:00
Daniel Flipcik: Redwood City, USA: 38:18:00

Stay tuned.

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