Baltimore Ravens First in Franchise History…

Ravens Trade for LT Eugene Monroe
Ravens Trade for LT Eugene Monroe

There is a first time for everything…This week the Baltimore Ravens did something they’ve never done in franchise history…they made a trade during the regular season.

The Ravens acquired offensive tackle Eugene Monroe from the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for multiple third- day draft picks.

Monroe, a former 2009 first-round pick from the University of Virginia, started for the Jags the last five seasons. The Ravens hope the 6’5; 305 pound linesman will give a boost to their struggling offensive line.

It is expected that Monroe will start soon, but not likely this week when the Ravens take on the Miami Dolphins.

The Ravens O-Line has fallen flat this season. They lost center Matt Birk after he retired last season and they have struggled to protect quarterback Joe Flacco.

Flacco has been sacked 12 times this season; hit 12 times in Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

Head coach John Harbaugh acknowledged that the O-Line needs to improve:

“The whole O-line is disappointing right now,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said Monday. “No one is more disappointed than they are right now. We’ve got to run block better, and we’ve got to pass block better.”

Right tackle Michael Oher is good friends with Monroe and believes he is a good fit for the team:

“He’s a good guy. He’s been doing well since he’s been in the league. He’s another good player for the team,” Oher said. “He’s strong, athletic, can move. He’s a very hard worker. He works hard in the offseason.”

Some questioned what the trade means for left tackle Bryant McKinnie, then reported that the Ravens are expected to shop him around, though unlikely to get any buyers.

While I was surprised to hear about the trade, I am all for it. There is no question that the O-Line needs to improve and protect Flacco. It was unacceptable for him to have five interceptions on Sunday, something I hope I never see again.

Monroe will be an improvement over McKinnie, he is younger and in better shape. I hope he provides the missing link they desperately need to protect Flacco.


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