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Oakland Shooting, 6 Dead, Suspect Caught, Was Student

Awful. The rampage shooting by that left 2 dead and six injured at Oakland’s Oikos University in East Oakland was reportedly done by a person who was a former student at the college located at…

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Fringe Ratings Up – I Told You

Last week, some were ready to give up on Fringe On Fox because the show’s Season 4 debut episode posted the lowest ratings ever for a Fringe telecast. That led to some anxiety among Fringe…

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Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs In “Jobs”

Steve Jobs movies planned already? While it’s a logical expectation, I really didn’t think that would happen to quickly. We’re all still getting over the fact that the legendary visionary genius and SF Bay Area…

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2012 Kids Choice Awards Hits The Trend Cycle Again

The 2012 Kids Choice Awards proves that Nickelodeon rivals ( if not beats) Disney for having its finger on the pulse of what kids want to see today. From the genius of picking Will Smith…

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Mayor Jean Quan Had Affair With Ron Dellums In 2009

UPDATE: Mayor Quan Pissed Over April Fools Joke. Fans of Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums believed he was on a good track to recover what some others had said was a failed effort as Mayor of…

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Man Of Steel Logo For Superman Is Blood Red

The new logo for the much-anticipated and talked about Superman: Man Of Steel movie was released just hours ago, and already it’s taking the Internet by storm. As this is written “Man Of Steel” is…

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Bill Parcells Wanted By Sean Payton But NFL Says Rooney Rule Applies

The New Orleans Saints soon-to-be-suspended Head Coach Sean Payton openly wants the legendary former head coach and NFL executive Bill Parcells to come out of retirement and coach the Saints while he’s gone. But there’s…

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Ray Lewis Motivational Speech Fires Up Stanford

As I write this Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens Linebacker, is a Worldwide Twitter Trend, and that means he’s now known to people who may have never watched NFL Football before. Maybe that will change…

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62, NFL Draft, And

For the first time,, the 15-second video moment capture platform has agreed to sponsor’s coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft in New York City. For myself, Dr. Bill Chachkes, and the rest of…

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Dennis Rodman Broke? What About Paltalk Sponsor?

The latest news trend says that NBA Hall Of Fame Legend Dennis Rodman is broke and faces possible jail time over $800,000 in child and spousal support. His own financial advisor, Peggy Williams, is quoted…

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Amy Smart Sex Y Strong Scene Stealing Actress Activist

LA’s Amy Smart, who turned 36 Tuesday (Happy Birthday!) is best known for her scene stealing role as ‘Eve’ in the Crank movie series, and can be currently seen on Shameless on Showtime. So if…

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For Hoodie Remark

Flash: Geraldo Rivera apologizes for Hoodie remark! Apparently the combination of his son’s and America’s outrage over his Hoodie remark has caused the famous commentator and television journalist to see the error of his ways….

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Tiger Woods Wins First PGA Tour Since 2009

Tiger Woods is back. After yesterday’s five-shot lead win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Tiger Woods has triumphantly made it back into the hunt for the prize of World’s Greatest Golfer. It was his first…

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Sex Tape Marketing Becomes The X-Factor

X-Factor contestant Tulisa Contostavlos was someone I’d not heard of since I’ve not kept up with the show of late. But since her name was linked to a sex tape, which she admits is out…

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Alshon Jeffery, WR, NFL Draft 2012 Sleeper

Alshon Jeffery is the top NFL Draft 2012 and junior wide receiver from the University of South Carolina who, as you can see from this video, can catch a fly out of the sky with…


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