Anne Gust Brown To Run For Mayor Of Oakland: Hot Rumor

California Governor Jerry Brown, left, and First Lady Anne Gust Brown
California Governor Jerry Brown, left, and First Lady Anne Gust Brown
Anne Gust Brown, the First Lady of California and an Oakland resident with her husband, California Governor and former Mayor of Oakland, Jerry Brown is going to run for mayor of Oakland herself – or so goes a very hot rumor that has as its origin place a room within the bowls of Oakland City Hall.

The rumor is “very hot” because it comes from a number of reliable sources normally involved in Oakland Politics.

The report, which the sources have worked to keep hush-hush until this blogger got wind of it, are that Anne Gust Brown’s primary reason for her decision is to beat out current Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, who Ms. Brown reportedly perceives as ineffective and generally unable to effectively move the city forward.

As of this writing, I have not called Anne Gust Brown to confirm this rumor, and I seriously doubt that she would do so now. However, those who are my sources apparently are ready to push her out there, and they believe she’s so much the best candidate for the job that she should say something now.

Anne Gust Brown is said to want to bring a real choice in the Mayor’s Race. Now, this blogger is currently backing Bryan Parker for Mayor. And Joe Tuman, who I would say is a good choice as well, but, like Bryan, is considered inexperienced by some. That’s not a fair assessment, but Joe’s well-spoken and sound in his read on the problems of Oakland. Bryan Parker is exciting a base of young professional people – a polyglot group – that’s not been fully engaged in Oakland politically in the past. They’re the Obama Generation.

What will happen is anyone’s best guess, or should I say gust? But if Anne Gust Brown does throw her hat into the ring for Mayor of Oakland, she’d better come with a larger game than “I’m the wife of Governor Brown,” because there are some people in this town who are pissed with Jerry’s removal of the very legislative tool that built modern Oakland: Redevelopment.

Who is Anne Gust Brown? Is she an Oakland Raiders and an Oakland A’s fan? How well does she know Oakland, and not just the Oakland hills? What will she do to curb crime on a limited budget? How will she keep the streets clean? How will she hire more police officers? Can she negotiate with real estate developers? In short, who is Anne Gust Brown separate from Jerry Brown? That’s what Oaklanders will want to know if and when she comes out of hiding and reveals herself to the city.

Stay tuned.

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