5th of November Is Guy Fawkes Day; Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh Beware?

Today is November 5th, otherwise known by Anonymous, the computer hacking human network, as “Guy Fawkes Day.” On this day, Anonymous plans to take down or expose any symbol of oppression as they see it. The inspiration for the day came from the 2006 movie V For Vendetta and the quote “Remember, remember the fifth of November” which has its roots on this day in 1605, when….

On 5 November 1605 a small gang of Catholics and minor noblemen plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, during the State Opening at which King James I would be present. One of the conspirators, Guy Fawkes, was caught with the gunpowder before he set it off. The other plotters were soon caught, and all were executed.

For example, the Tumblr page devoted to Anonymous’ 5th of November plans contains this information about the Denver Police Department:

As a result of the Denver Police Department’s practice of racial profiling, ethnic stereotyping, and biased policing, plaintiff Jose Sanchez was unjustifiably targeted while he was standing lawfully on the public sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, outside the Denver home of his girlfriend, Joshinna Carreras. Police illegally detained and handcuffed him, falsely accused him of being an “illegal immigrant,” and falsely arrested him on a bogus charge of providing “false identification.” The supposedly “false” identification was a current and valid photo ID card issued by the Department of Homeland Security verifying Mr. Sanchez’s legal presence and authorization to work in the United States. Mr. Sanchez spent five days in jail on the bogus charge before it was dismissed.

But the work of Anonymous hasn’t stopped there. They claim to have attacked PayPal and Symantec’s sites, as well as a music production company in Austrialia, and NBC too. The PayPal site looks the same – no evidence of hacking there.

But I wonder why Anonymous doesn’t go after Mitt Romney? That would seem to be the logical next step. What about Fox News? Or why not the website of Rush Limbaugh? If Anonymous isn’t going after them the effort’s nothing more than a right-wing plot. Sorry, it just is.

Stay tuned.

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