For #TVOTSF A Tracy Swedlow Surprise, Then The Young Turks Must Talk YouTube Adpocalypse

As if the eleventh version of futurist Tracy Swedlow’s Television of Tommorrow San Francisco Conference held yesterday and concluding today weren’t amazing on its own, Ms.Swedlow had to go in and sweeten the pot for Day 2:


“Thanks to the generosity of, the first 12 attendees to arrive at TVOT SF Thursday will win an Amazon Echo Dot. To receive your prize, just go to the registration desk and say “Dot.”


In other words, wake up early and go down to 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA, where the Golden Gate Club is located, and, well, get your Amazon Echo Dot.

Then stick around for breakfast, then get a front row seat for the keynote by The Young Turks at 9:30 AM. I am not suggesting you slip the 9 AM talk by VR Keynote: Rikard Steiber, President of HTC Viveport, or the talk by YouTuber Chef John of Food Wishes at the same time, but the The Young Turks rant fest is really important.


The YouTube Adpocalypse

Because those fellow YouTube Partners (as is Chef John) managed to get around the “YouTube Adpocalypse”. In fact, they so skillfully managed to dodge it, it’s not even mentioned in the blurb about what they’re expected to say. Leave it to this YouTuber who has been impacted by the YouTube Adpocalypse to give this morning’s part of the TVOTSF a bit more spice.

Cenk Uygur (who I met briefly on the Red Carpet Oscar Sunday Morning of 2010 and I have the vlog to prove it…

…) has done it the right way in building a team and a niche with his pioneer channel, but unlike the rest of us daily vloggers (I cover daily trending news and events and pop culture) who have been damaged by the YouTube Adpocalypse, The Young Turks have been able to have ads placed on vlogs about President Trump.


Oh, what’s the YouTube Adpocalypse? Well, it all started when some self-proclaimed data analyst ad dude had way too much coffee and developed a code to be able to catch videos with “undesirable” words and content and recommend that ads not be shown with them. That same over-caffeinated dude then accused YouTube of being careless with where ads were going on its site.

He was right, and so about $1 billion of ad money ran away from YouTube, and in the process screwed a ton of YouTube Partners like me, who had good commentary along the lines of the public intellectuals of the 1960s. (I have a big ego, OK?)

Anyway, that happened because in its zeal to correct the ad problem, YouTube went too far the other way, and hyper adjusted its content ID system. So much so that it looked like YouTube was really trying to protect the feelings of President Donald Trump.

Yeah, not kidding, for a time, YouTube was ad-blocking any video with the name “Trump” in the title, and I know because I tested my hypothesis, confirmed it via analysis (100 percent outcome), then raised hell (in a very respectful way) with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki via email and Twitter.

So then I see The Young Turks rolling along as if nothing happened and wondered why. And even though the YouTube Adpocalypse has thawed somewhat, I’m still wondering, both why and how?

How did The Young Turks get around the YouTube Adpocalypse?

And so, even though I am sadly not able to be in the room, I want to know… Why. Would you ask for me?


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