Anthony Carillo And “Ant’s Rants”, Welcome To Zennie62

Anthony Carillo, my NFL Draft friend, is joining Zennie62Media as a Vlogger Manager, and Executive Producer of his show “Ant’s Rants” on Zennie62 on YouTube. Ant’s Rants is Mr. Carillo’s as-often-as-he-wants-to vlog on football. Here’s his first video:

To help Anthony Carillo’s videos gain views, I made this video blog playlist that kicks off a debate with him about Ray Rice:

But what I’m most excited about is that Anthony Carillo’s vlog marks the first use of YouTube’s new system where I can designate channel managers who can upload their own video to Zennie62 on YouTube, and where each video is automatically monetized. The deal here is Mr. Carillo will get 50 percent of the revenue each one of his own videos generates, and for the life of each video.

What I’m most excited about is that it means a clear ability to have other vloggers on and a system where they get paid for vlogging. The more traffic their video makes, the more money they make and fame they gain.

Welcome to Zennie62 Anthony Carillo!

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