“Grier And His Fam Tour” At Salt Lake City Comic-Con? Why?

Grier And His Fam Tour is known for racist and homophobic vlogging. So why is “Grier And His Fam Tour” at Salt Lake City Comic-Con?

According to Salt Lake City’s The Daily Feed, the Vine and YouTube celeb, who, at 16 years old, has gained over 16 million combined followers, as a reputation for making racist and sexist material.

“Grier And His Fam Tour”‘s Nash Grier is called “The Jesus-Loving Vine Star” in a recent New Yorker Magazine article, and the platform’s most popular content producer. Ironically, Nash, who’s from North Carolina, says that his credo is to not make videos that don’t make people happy. “I don’t use cuss words, I try not to do anything awful. You don’t want to lower your audience,” he told the New Yorker.

Ok, so what about the hate speech then? It’s amazing that Christopher Glazek wrote something that failed to touch on the most controversial part of his presentation. But considering Nash just signed a deal to be on AwesomenessTV, and is rumored to be working on a movie deal, a number of organizations are, in effect, rubber-stamping his use of a homophobic slur.

And that includes Salt Lake City Comic-Con.

To his credit, Nash posted this apology – although his wording was incorrect:

Stay tuned.