Professional Tax Software – Consider For Professional Tax Software

Professional Tax Software – Consider For Professional Tax Software

There are many professional tax software products on the market, but many say that the products at should be the first a professional accountant purchases. And this is the best time to for an accounting pro to think about making a change in the kind of approach he or she uses. It’s a short time after the close of tax season, and long months before it starts up again.

So, as it’s evaluating time for tax pros (and perhaps you’re one and reading this) Sigma Tax Pro has several service offerings at its website. Yes, services.

Sigma Tax Pro is more than products, it’s services. You can go online and learn about how to quickly fill out the IRS 1040 forms, or get up to speed on the latest legislation that impacts tax professionals.

And if it’s not that, then it’s really popular products like the new Sigma Pro Drake-Style Tax Software/

The Sigma Pro Drake-Style Tax Software has been the leading product of its kind in recent publications. It’s polled out to be better than the Drake’s Tax Software, which was the leading scorer in price and value, as well as word-of mouth.

I wrote before that compared to professional tax software from ATX and Ultra Tax, 95 percent of users said they would recommend Drake’s over the other two choices. Drake’s even beat the competition in technical support!
But I have to report, again, that polling of software did not add Sigma Pro’s Drake-Style Tax Software.
So, not to belabor a point, but when your’re looking at tax software for your professional practice, check out

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