Courtney Ruby: Oakland Police Officer Hiring Plan Is A Joke

Courtney Ruby, the Oakland City Auditor who’s really only one-third of a city auditor since she’s not running for the position for 2015, and is running for Mayor of Oakland, hence the time division, claims to have a plan for hiring 200 police officers.

Courtney Ruby does not have a plan for hiring 200 police officers. All she’s doing is what she could have done as auditor, which is do a per-department audit. Ms. Ruby has had not one, but two terms to do this, and nothing. This is not a plan, but a call to do what she was supposed to do, and without a mandate to spend any money saved on police.

A REAL PLAN consists of Mello-Roos Districts (where property owners vote to tax themselves) such that we would wind up hiring police for those specific areas.

What Courtney Ruby is saying really winds up causing us to point a finger at her tenure as Oakland’s Auditor and ask “What did she really do?”

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