Oakland Chamber, OakPAC: Oakland Mayor’s Race Forum Should Include All

To Oakland Chamber, OakPAC: The Oakland Mayor’s Race Forum should include all candidates.

The Oakland Chamber Of Commerce and OakPAC sent an email asking each candidate to fill out a questionnaire for the Chamber’s Forum.

Based on how the candidate answers the questions, they will or will not be in the forum. That fact has rankled a number of people.

Take what Peter Liu wrote:

OakPAC is a disgrace for sending this absurd Candidate Questionnaire. The criteria to participate in your endorsement process requires “a campaign bank account and campaign treasurer, with at least 50 donors and a total at least $50,000 raised or be among the top five candidates by these measures in the race.”

That criteria alone cuts off 66% of candidates, so that tells me your endorsement process is rigged. Whoever created this questionnaire is unwise and I’ll published this questionnaire along with a strong criticism condemning it on my campaign website. The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce should be ashamed.

So some candidates have asked me to make their displeasure known. Thus this 3 AM video blog.

Please make the Chamber forum open to all candidates. Yes, OakPAC and the Oakland Chamber can discriminate, but why bother? Give Oaklanders the gift of a true open forum.

And please use the latest in digital media to present it. If you don’t know how to do that, let me know.

Now it’s back to sleep for me as I have a casting call in the morning and for a role I may not get.

Kinda like running for Mayor of Oakland!

Stay tuned.

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