Ro Khanna Friend Ernie Konnyu Posts Anti-Gay Facebook Rant

Ro Khanna Friend Ernie Konnyu Posts Anti-Gay Facebook Rant

Ro Khanna’s friend Ernie Konnyu posted anti-gay Facebook rant, and in the process, hurt Mr. Khanna’s campaign against seven-term U.S. Congressman Mike Honda.

What happened was that Ernie Konnyu, the former GOP congressman, was so hot to have Mike Honda beaten, he inserted himself in as an “aide” to Ro Khanna, the Democratic challenger. Ernie was going to bring in the Tea Party to help, but before that happened, he had a melt-down on social media.

According to San Jose Inside, Ernie Konnyu was angry that the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC was supporting Campbell Mayor Evan Low in the California State Assembly race against former Saratoga mayor Chuck Page.

Ernie Konnyu took to Facebook, and in commenting on a post by fellow Republican and former Chamber CEO Jim Cunneen, Konnyu, said the PAC was

“Sick that a business group endorses a liberal so left that he wants to change the law to allow blood donations by gays. This, even though the current law forbids it since such blood has a risk of transferring the deadly AIDS virus. Yes! Gay pride is worth more with Evan Low than our citizens’ lives.”

That’s what Ernie Konnyu wrote on Facebook.

Ro Khanna has been hounded by the media for a comment, but to date has not issued one.

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