Chatsworth At PGA National For Golf And Assisted Living

Chatsworth At PGA National For Golf and Assisted Living? Yes!

Chatsworth. You may know of it for PGA tour golf and for some of the greatest sports event contests in history. But did you know Chatsworth At PGA National has not just golf but assisted living?

That’s right. Chatsworth At PGA National has both golf and assisted living.

Chatsworth’s located at 347 Hiatt Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and has been part of the PGA National Community since its inception. It has played host to some of the greatest names in golf, from Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer.

Arnold Palmer loves the grounds that make up Chatsworth At PGA National and why not? He designed one of the golf courses, appropriately named “The Palmer Course.”

But Chatsworth for assisted living?


Chatsworth At PGA National is the jewel of assisted living, offering skilled nursing and demensia care. The staff offers an unmatched environment for the restoration of wellness through rehabilitation.

For more information on Chatsworth At PGA National, visit the website here: Chatsworth At PGA National

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