S!R Mens Wear Reflects Miami Style

S!R Mens Wear reflects Miami Style? Yes!

Someone asked me, of all bloggers, to describe Miami Style. At first, I thought asking me wasn’t the best idea, but then I realized I’ve visited Miami enough (and wrote about it to some large degree) that I have some idea of how to paint what it is. To me, Miami Style, by its nature is pastel, smooth, colorful, yet understated, and luxurious.

And as I was looking around for expressions of Miami Style, I happened on a men’s shirt that reflects it, and that I want. I could see myself wearing a nice designer dress shirt from a brand called S!R Mens Wear – specifically the one called “Perfect White Silky Combed Cotton.”

S!R Mens Wear’s “Perfect White Silky Combed Cotton,” is a $135 work-of-art designer dress shirt that goes well with a blue blazer, white pleated slacks, and loafers – worn without socks in a style that dates back to Miami Vice in the 80s.

S!R Mens Wear White ShirtA style that was always my favorite.

But what is S!R Mens Wear?

S!R Mens Wear is one store located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and which you can visit by appointment only. The founder of S!R Mens Wear is Eddie Edwards.

Eddie Edwards is a native of West Palm Beach, and so his timeless clothing designs reflect his South Florida roots, exposure to Miami Style, and his time living in, and being educated in, Europe.

S!R Mens Wear is at 2257 Vista Parkway Suite 21, in West Palm Beach. For more information, visit the website at www.sirmenswear.com.

Stay tuned.

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