Morgan Moses Highlights Washington Redskins OT Interview NFL Draft

Morgan Moses Highlights Washington Redskins OT Interview NF

Morgan Moses came down to the interview room in the Grande Lounge at Radio City Music Hall full of the energy that is the result of the excitement of being picked by a team during the NFL Draft, in this case, The Washington Redskins.

Here’s his interview with the media, including this blogger (Zennie62Media coverage by Courtyard New York Manhattan Central Park):

Q. What were your first thought when you got the call from the Redskins?
MOSES: I first looked at my agent and said, “It’s a 703 number, who is that?”
He’s like, “Pick it up!”
So I picked it up and it was Coach Gruden. It was exciting, because I met with those guys about two or three weeks ago, and I felt it was great, very relaxed.
But it’s a blessing, being able to be two hours away from home, training camp in my hometown, Richmond, Virginia. And being alongside of a Pro Bowl tackle in Trent Williams, I’ll be in his back pocket all the time, learning from the best.

Q. What did they say to you on the phone? What was the message? Do you remember at all? Talk about your emotions that you were overwhelmed with.
MOSES: I kind of answered the phone a little skeptical, like, “Hello, who is this?”
He said, “Jay Gruden.” He said, “You’ve been waiting for this phone call for a while, huh.”
I said, “Yeah, man.” I got a little emotional on the phone. Man, it’s a blessing just to be able to have that ‑‑ have that phone call, put that hat on, walk across the stage, shake the Commissioner’s hand, meet London Fletcher in the middle of the stage. Oh, man, it’s a blessing.

Q. What made you so emotional? What was the moment that got you?
MOSES: You know, for me, I was here the first day, here all day today. I didn’t let it bother me. I said, God has a plan for everybody and his plan was for me to stay close to home.
So being able to have the opportunity of being two hours away, close to my family, and be able to play and represent Washington, D.C., it’s a great feeling and I’m just ready to go in and work.

Q. How would you describe your playing style?
MOSES: You know, I’m a versatile tackle, being able to play left and right tackle, but also being a big body that can move and being able to play the zone scheme and reach the defenders and get to the second level, and also being able to pull to the outside and make plays. So that’s something that I feel like I can bring to the table.

Q. Do you have a favorite maneuver? Is it pulling, for example, blocking?
MOSES: You know, for me, pulling is like ‑‑ for offensive linemen is like scoring a touchdown, get out into space and show your athleticism and you get out there and punish people.

Q. Did you almost not pick up the call since you weren’t sure for who it was?
MOSES: For a minute I thought my phone was broke for a little bit. No, as soon as I looked at my agent, Andy, I said, “It’s a 703 number.”
And he said, “Pick it up! Pick it up! I think it’s Washington.” I picked it up and it was Coach Gruden. It was just ‑‑ it’s just a blessing, man. Words really can’t ‑‑ I can’t even put sentences together right now, I’m just so happy and excited to have the opportunity. You know, it’s a lifelong dream for me.

Q. Do you think your phone was broken actually?
MOSES: Not really. Not really (laughing).

Q. In some ways, does the wait, make that moment, that phone call sweeter?
MOSES: Oh, definitely, because you never know. You know how the draft goes, you never know on your phone who is going to call. There’s a lot of teams that trade in and trade out and you never know.
One thing I came to the conclusion over the last couple of months is it only takes one person to like you. It only takes one person to like you. So you never know who is going to jump in front of you.
And you know, one thing throughout this process, since I’ve been in school, I haven’t been able to watch TV and look at everybody’s mock drafts and things like that. So I really just didn’t know where I was going to end up. I put it in God’s hand and he landed me in the right place.

Q. What will you miss most about college?
MOSES: You know, a lot, the friendships that I developed over the last couple years, some of the guys I played ball with at University of Virginia, they have daughters and their daughters are my Goddaughter.
So being able to have those friendships and those guys you can lean on, I’ll definitely miss that. Miss my coaching staff and just being a part of the Cavaliers, I always will bleed blue and orange.

Q. What’s it going to be like playing for a first‑year head coach?
MOSES: You know, being able to be around Coach Gruden a couple weeks ago, it was definitely a calm vibe, younger coaching staff. He brings a lot of energy to the able. And also being able to play for guys like RG3 Giants, guys that are highly talented and you talk about DeSean Jackson who just got there. So being able to get there and block for Alfred Morris and all those great pieces they have, and just to be a part of the Washington Redskins is a blessing.

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