Why The Annual ‘Pick A Black QB To Bash” NFL Draft Media Fest?

nflWhat do Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel, and now Teddy Bridgewater, all have in common? (Zennie62Media coverage sponsored by Courtyard New York Manhattan Central Park).

They were all NFL Draft quarterbacks, who are black, and who became the targets of harsh and unrealistic criticism by the media, which was directed by white guys. This is not being racist to discuss this, just race conscious. Each one of the players, with the exception of Teddy Bridgewater because he’s not been drafted yet, had this problem.

Take Cam Newton. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock questioned Cam’s heart prior to the 2011 NFL Draft. Now, if fairness to Mike, he did give praise and a high grade to E.J. Manuel in 2013, but even then, he wasn’t Mike’s highest pick – he was number two. Plus, the Mayock said that E.J. Manuel had the problem of playing in an offense where he was in a shotgun, and threw a lot of short passes. But guess what? Mike Mayock did not say that Blake Bortles had that problem, or for that matter, Johny Manziel, and they do!


Back to Cam Newton, ESPN guys just unloaded on him, and never gave him a chance; The Carolina Panthers didn’t listen, and made him their first pick in the 1st Round of the 2011 NFL Draft. That was over the highly hyped Blaine Gabbert, who should have went as a second round or third round pick, but was number 10 and went to Jacksonville, and is now a new 49ers player.

And then Robert Griffin III. A guy at Pro Football Weekly, who I will not mention, also questioned RGIII’s work ethic and coaching. All Robert Griffin III did was lead the Washington CHANGE-THE-SKINS to the NFL Playoffs in his first year.

And then there was the Geno Smith bashing and for everything from attitude to work ethic. He went from being a 1st round guy to a 2nd round guy – but he’s started for the New York Jets, and is still the starter.

Now we have all of the crap being tossed around about Teddy Bridgewater. What’s the deal? And what’s more, why is the media afraid to talk about this?

Stay tuned.

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