Ceasars Palace Las Vegas Damaged In New Godzilla Trailer

cesarspalace-godzilla Ceasars Palace Las Vegas is clearly damaged and all but destroyed in the new Godzilla International Trailer for the movie by Gareth Edwards due out May 16th and currently in post production.

The new Godzilla International Trailer includes the scene where firefighters are looking out from a tower and onto the wreckage that the Las Vegas Strip has become in the wake of an attack my what I think is Godzilla’s challenger, and not Godzilla himself. Indeed, given what seems to be the appearance of an two figures in the trailer, and both standing as twins who look like The Mothra Twins, it may be the reappearance of Mothra.

In addition to that scene, we also get our first look at destruction in Hawaii and also giant waves that come to shore, taking cars and people with them. Those waves are the result of Godzilla’s size and effortless movement through the water, thus churning up the water action.

So, go and tell Ceasars Palace Las Vegas that Godzilla, or some monster, is coming!

Stay tuned.

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