21 Club New York City Restaurant Starring Julie Buehler

This 21 Club video was uploaded for the first time early Sunday morning, and after two years of sitting in my external file. It features a fun dinner I had with my friend Julie Buehler, the host of the “Buehler’s Day Off” radio show on KXPS 1010 AM, in Palm Springs.

It’s my annual tradition to visit 21 every year when I’m in New York to cover the NFL Draft, and 2012 was no exception. Because of my lovely company, the manager seated us in the coveted left side of the establishment. I had a great salmon meal (you can’t go wrong at 21) and Julie had a healthy meal she described in the video and I didn’t commit to memory to write this blurb.

But the highlight was our escorted trip to the downstairs dining room: an 18-seat layout around a mahogany table, and where each seat can be had for $480 for the time you’re eating at 21.

On the way to the room, you have to enter through a giant granite door that’s opened with a thin wire that acts as a kind of key. Once in, you are taken through a wine cellar that features bottles marked for their owners: people like the late John Astin of the Addams Family, and Burgess Meredith of Rocky and Batman as well as President Nixon.

21 Club has a famous and storied history that goes back to prohibition. It has been the backdrop for some of the most successful movies of our time, like Wall Street and The Sweet Smell of Success. In fact, here’s a scene from Sweet Smell of Success filmed at 21:

21 is a place you must take time to visit, even if it’s just to have a drink, when you’re in New York City. http://ift.tt/1pcH5P0