super bowl xlviii logoSuper Bowl XLVIII, Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos, is underway and it’s already 5 to 0 Seahawks. The score’s due to a mistaken Broncos snap that went into the end zone for a safety, proving Pete Carroll’s call to defer the ball to the 2nd half a good one; the Broncos made a mistake first.

Arguably, the Seahawks failed to capitalize on the Broncos error. Still, the Seattle Seahawks defense is causing a three-and-out after a Denver run that picked up 4 yards, and a pass to Demaryius Thomas that gained just two yards thanks to a hit by Kam Chancellor. Seattle got the ball back.


Wow. The difference so far is the Seattle Defense and Russell Wilson’s running ability. That flea flicker play wasn’t necessary at all, and Seattle’s lucky Wilson wasn’t called for grounding, or sacked.

2nd and goal at 2:31 in 1st Quarter – Sea 5, Den 0

One thing is clear: Seattle can’t mount a running game. The Broncos have keyed on Marshawn Lynch and are determined not to let him run at all. They’re putting it all on Russell Wilson – Denver wants to see if he can be the difference maker.

Seattle’s Kerse didn’t control the pass, and Denver’s Nate Irving ripped it out of his hands. Denver dodges another bullet; Seattle scores on a field-goal, the score 8 to 0, Seahawks.

Denver to get the kickoff with 2:16 in 1st Quarter – here it is, and it hit the crossbar for a touchback. Denver starts on the 20, first and 10.

And Peyton Manning throws a pick. The key is that Denver’s playing a lot of tighter formations than I would have thought, and to no surprise, Seattle’s playing close, press coverage and man-for-man coverage. Why Denver doesn’t use a five-wide is beyond me, but the game is still young. But that said, Seattle just got a major turnover; Denver’s Defense has to stop being the weak link and make a big play for this series.

Seahawks ball now.

Once again, Lynch goes nowhere – 2nd and 11.

Seattle scored, it’s 15 nothing.

Now, Denver’s got the ball – three conversions on 3rd and 1 on this drive. Broncos on Seattle 35 yardline. Tripping call on 1st down – 10 yard penalty. In a way, a gift – it’s 1st down.

Now 3rd and 13 for Denver.


The pass-rush got to Peyton and he threw a ball, and guess what – the tipped ball was caught and returned for a touchdown for 29 yards. It’s 22 to zero. This is Peyton Manning’s second interception of the game.

One problem is Denver did not prepare for Seattle’s defensive speed – screens? That’s nuts. Seattle just zeros in and stops them.

The kickoff return fumble is not a fumble – the ball came out after he hit the ground. The call that Seattle got the ball back should be overturned.

It was overturned.

Denver ball. Peyton off target on second down throw – 3rd and five.

Caught by Demaryius Thomas for a good first down. Denver stays alive. 2 min warning.

Broncos on the move – in Seattle area. Broncos getting into a grove. No screens or runs – just downfield passing.

Denver gets close, and makes mistakes again. Now it’s 3rd and 9. Denver needs a score. I’ll take a field goal.

3rd and 9 becomes 4th and 3. Seattle timeout. Denver has to go for it, considering the field goal distance. It’s 4th and 2. I’d call a roll right pass, myself.

Well, Denver didn’t do that – pass from Peyton that was tipped and almost picked off. They do hav a roll pass in their system.

Well, turnover on downs. Seattle ball.

A few Lynch runs runout the clock. Bring on Bruno Mars! Get hyped for halftime.

What Denver Has To Do

What Denver has to do is play passing panic ball – forget the running, and focus on short passing, and seam passes to the tight ends. They also must remember they do have roll out pass plays – use them! On defense, Denver should keep stopping the run and also press cover and blitz – they need to speed up their game.

What Seattle Has To Do

I’d focus on the Jet Sweep with Percy Harvin because Denver can’t handle the fakes and his speed. I’d use it until they stopped it, which I’m pretty sure they can’t do. Mr. Harvin could score twice. Thing is, they’re not going to do that, and they’re going to give it to Marshawn Lynch. That will give Denver a chance to come back.

Here’s the Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Bruno Mars put on the best Super Bowl Halftime Show I’ve seen in a long time. He was perfect for the audience, and mix in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and those horns, and you’ve got a combustable entertainment mix. Congrats to the NFL!

Super Bowl XLVIII Second Half To Start

Seattle Seahawks get the ball to start the second half – kickoff coming.

Well, they kicked it so Percy Harvin could get it, and he did and scored a touchdown. This is now a blow-out. 29 to zero.

Denver ball now. Peyton passing – risky throw on 2nd down, but he gets it to Moreno. Now 3rd and 4.

Get the first down to Eric Decker.

Now wide receiver screen to Thomas, D. – but Richard Sherman’s hurt on the play.

Sherman back in – Denver first down via penalty. Peyton throws deep on Sherman – incomplete. But he had to take a shot deep.

Seattle ball – first time in 2nd half. Marshawn Lynch has best run of 2nd half. Denver Defense is the weak aspect in the game.

Wow, I think the Denver Defense listened to me, because Lynch got hit!

Russell Wilson gets loose, but coming back for holding, so don’t get excited – no 22 yarder.

2nd and 20 for Seattle. Now, 3rd and about 16 yards.

8 min to go in 3rd Quarter.

MVP? Percy Harvin.

WOW. The Denver Defense rocked Golden Tate on the wide receiver screen. Now, Denver gets the ball back – why do I feel the momentum is turning now? Denver has a window to make this happen. Good field position. I’d go five wide receivers and engineer slant passes. No runs, save for a read-option by Manning for a gadget play. That’s what I’d do….

Wow. Best pass by Denver – but the ball was just punched out of Demaryius Thomas’ hands for a fumble and the Seattle Seahawks recovered the ball. Wow. That was – to this point – the best drive Denver had for the 2nd half. Once again, they can’t hold on to the ball and the old saying that play-makers make plays does hold up once again.

Seattle is on the march – and Jermain Kerse scores for Seattle to put this game officially out of reach. He ran a slant route and five Broncos missed. He spun around and wound up in the end zone.

Seattle Seahawks 36, Denver zero.


Ok, some perspective: Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a drug overdose. Regardless of the outcome of the game, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death is the real shocker.

Wow. Denver finally gets a pass interference call that goes its way. First down now. It’s still the 3rd Quarter – 1:28 left. Now, Denver at midfield.

Seattle Defense is tired; Denver is moving the ball now. But they need to score. They did. But then it’s 36 to 8, and the Broncos onside kick – stupid. There’s a WHOLE DAMN QUARTER left. Seattle recovers the kick.

Seattle’s moving the ball, “matriculating” it down the field, which is why I hated the onside kick call so early. Now, it’s 3rd and 2 for the Seahawks with 13:13 in the 4th Quarter.

And Doug Baldwin makes the catch after Wilson scrambles to the right, and the Denver Defense can’t get to him. It’s now 43 to 8.

And now, Seattle’s at the 10 yard line of the Denver Broncos, and about to score again. Denver’s playing a loose defense. Doug Baldwin scores – and now, just when it looked like the Broncos were going to come back – the onside kick, and then the weird defense where they’re just not pressing. It’s like they don’t know what to do, the coaches.

It’s 11:28 in the 4th Quarter. You can see the stadium emptying out. This reminds me of the 2003 Super Bowl, where Tampa Bay, with the NFL’s best defense, blew out the Oakland Raiders, who had the NFL’s top offense. I was there.

Denver gets a first down – not too many folks leaving. Demaryius Thomas make a big catch – has a Super Bowl record for receptions. Sadly, Richard Sherman is out of the game with an injury.

Once again Denver forgets it has a roll out package and Peyton Manning is rushed into throwing a pass to Monte Ball that’s ruled incomplete. Much of this game is about Denver’s lousy game plan – it’s not that Seattle is 35-points better, but that the combination of the heightened emotions and the bad game planning and the turnovers have caused this.

Ti’s now 9:48 left in the game. Percy Harvin has 135 total yards in this game. Marshawn Lynch has taken a breather – Turbin is in.

Got to hand it to Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll. He left USC at the right time, went to Seattle, and now, three years later, he’s in position to win his first Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The clock is running down, now at 6 min – now the focus for the Denver Broncos should be on scoring at least one more touchdown and keeping Seattle away from the 50-point mark.

And it looks like Seattle’s in position to do that. It’s 3:44 left – the Seahawks are in Denver territory.

Denver Broncos had the ball and ran out the clock It’s game over. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!

It’s game over.

The Super Bowl MVP is Seattle Seahawks Quaterback Russell Wilson. Congratulations to Russell Wilson, and to the very dominant Seattle Seahawks Defense. They proved that offense sells tickets and defense wins championships.

By Zennie Abraham

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