Joe Tuman, who’s a candidate for Mayor Of Oakland, is the focus of this KTVU video about the need for a camera at in Crocker Highlands because drivers through the area generally fail to obey the stop signs placed on streets in the area.

Alex Castro, Electronic Arts VP, Is Oakland’s “Fake Joe Tuman”, “Crocker Mom”

Chris Fenolio, who lost his 2-year-old dog after she was struck by a motorist on December 15th, has started filming drivers near his home there according to the KTVU report.

The driver who hit the dog? Joe Tuman.

Tuman didn’t want to talk about the accident for KTVU’s camera or to KTVU’s Eric Rasmussen, but did release a statement that reads like this: “An off leash dog ran out in front of my car on a street near my house. I was driving within the speed limit, and the dog was struck by my car. I immediately pulled over and offered what assistance I could. I am saddened by this loss, and have extended my sympathies to the dog’s owner.”

Here’s the KVTU video:

The video has made its rounds on Twitter, and one copy of the link was sent to me:

And someone on Twitter speculated that the “dog park lobby” would be upset with Joe. But let’s gain some sanity here, folks. What happened on December 15th was an accident. Arguably it could have been avoided if Mr. Fenolio’s dog was on a leash. It wasn’t. That’s a violation of the City of Oakland’s ordinance prohibiting dogs from roaming around without a leash.

So, if you really look hard at this information that’s been passed around social media, Joe didn’t do anything wrong, and what happened to Joe could have happened to you and me. It says nothing about how good, or bad, a candidate Joe Tuman is for Mayor of Oakland. However, I do personally think Joe should have been more ahead of his own story, rather than allowing old media, and then social media, to take it.

The lesson: get out in front of a story. I have blogged about personal matters, like DUI’s, that happened to me, and where it was clearly my fault and in some cases where I did not have to use someone else’s name in a negative way, and sometimes I did have to – but I got in front of my own story. But, even with that, I’m not running for Mayor of Oakland, either.

Anyone who runs for Mayor of Oakland, or any elected office, has a hot spotlight placed on all aspects of their life, and the higher the office, the brighter that light is. For better or worse, candidates for any office must tell their own story before someone else does.

Joe Tuman is a good man. The dog accident could have happened to you – don’t say it could not have.

UPDATE: The man in the video, Chris Fenolio, has taken to social media as Oakland Legal on Twitter and using other anonymous names in comment sections, like this one.

CORRECTION UPDATE: Chris Fenolio called to say it was not him who made the comments on my blog for “Fake Joe” and “Fake Kristin.” That person’s Alex Castro, Vice President Of Product Management at Electronic Arts, fairly-well-known tech executive, and Oakland Crocker Highlands Resident. Mr. Castro, who started Delve Networks, and has been interviewed by The Economist, TechCrunch, Beet.TV, VentureBeat, and the Associated Press, also moonlights as what he thinks is an anonymous commenter. Trouble is, Mr. Castro, for all of his supposed tech prowess, forgets that he leaves large IP adress footprints, making him easy to trace.

He tried to pose as a “stay at home mother” concerned about Chris Fenolio’s issue, but did this while at work in his office at Electronic Arts, recently. I know because his IP footprint told me where he came from.

More about Mr. Castro, later.

Chris Fenolio Is Grieving

I understand that Mr. Fenolio’s grieving over the loss of his dog, and that he is angry with Joe, but his efforts in the process of such actions as blasting objective observers on social media are questionable to date.

On Twitter, Chris, in the guise of Oakland Legal, attacked one questioner and at first seemed to not know, and then ignored, the fact that Oakland has a leash law. Here’s that law: O.M.C. 6.04.070. And the text reads this way :

Dog License (O.M.C. 6.04.030)
All dogs (four months or older) must be registered and
licensed and must wear a current license tag at all times. All
dogs must be vaccinated against rabies before a license may
be issued. Discounts are given for dogs that are spayed/neutered.
2. Microchipping (O.M.C. 6.04.050)
All dogs (four months or older) must be microchipped and this microchip number must be
registered with Oakland Animal Services. Dogs can be microchipped at Oakland Animal
Services for $10.
3. Three Dog Limit (O.M.C. 6.04.400)
It is unlawful to have more than three dogs to a household (unless all dogs had current
licenses on January 1, 2006 and have maintained current licenses). Individuals that
would like to have more than three dogs can apply for a permit through Oakland Animal
4. Leash Required (O.M.C. 6.04.070)
Dogs are not permitted to run at large. They must be kept confined to an owner’s
home/yard or under control of a leash (not over six feet in length) at all times.
5. Barking Dogs (O.M.C. 6.04.310)
It is against the law to allow any animal to disturb the peace and comfort of others.
6. Humane and Sanitary Care (O.M.C. 6.04.300, Cal Pen Code 597f)
Dogs must have appropriate food, water and shelter. Animal quarters must be kept clean,
sanitary and secure. Dog must receive proper care and attention.
7. Dangerous Dogs (O.M.C. Chapter 6.08)
It is unlawful to keep a dog that creates a significant risk of injury to life or property.
Owners that are determined to have dogs that are potentially dangerous or dangerous
must abide by requirements to continue to keep their dog(s).
8. Chaining or Tethering Dogs (Cal Pen Code 597f)
In California, it is illegal to tether, fasten, chain, tie, or restrain a dog to a stationary
object, such as a dog house, tree or fence; unless, the dog’s guardian is nearby and is
performing a temporary task. Dogs on a running line, pulley or trolley system can not be
attached to it with a choke collar or pinch collar.
9. Dog Fighting (Cal Pen Code 597.5)
In California, it is a felony to own, possess, keep, or train any dog, to fight with another
dog, or to cause dogs to fight for the purpose of amusement or gain. It is a misdemeanor
to be at spectator at such an event

None of that excuses what happened to Chris’ pet, but by his own admission it was running free in the neighborhood and in the street. What happened to Joe as a result could have happened to anyone. The reason why we have these dog laws in Oakland is to prevent occurrences like this one.

Stay tuned.

By Zennie Abraham

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