Atlanta Angry With Mayor Kaseem Reed, Shows It On Twitter

atlanta-mayorAtlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed just became a Twitter trend moments ago, and not for a good reason: the massive snow storm that hit the city and pretty much all of the State of Georgia has paralyzed it, and showed the government was caught off guard, not prepared to deal with the onslaught.

So, as the sun comes to burn away the snow…

Atlanta and Georgia’s burning over its bad leadership in this mess.

In fact, Governor Nathan Deal, in last night’s late news conference, said that they didn’t expect Atlanta to be hit by a large snow storm, only ‘glanced by it’ or words to that effect.

While honest, the admission was as ill-advised as Mayor Reed going on CNN this morning to declare that the streets and roads where he lived were clear of snow. Well, Mayor Reed, you’re the Mayor of Atlanta, so to say that is self-serving – for about a minute because Atlantans don’t care about him, as many are stranded in places like offices and schools.

A friend of mine (who’s name I will not use) was stranded in his car for 12 hours straight. Then he wound up staying in a chiropractor’s office and only because that person’s car and his collided on the slick roads.

There are a lot of angry people. Take a look at Twitter, where Atlanta and Kaseem Reed were trends this morning:

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