Karl Pierson Arapahoe High School Shooter Called ‘Crazy Karl’

Karl Pierson
Karl Pierson
Karl Pierson, the Arapahoe High School Shooter and student who went after Tracy Murphy, and wound up injuring two girls, and eventually shot himself, was called ‘Crazy Karl.’

That flies in the face of initial descriptions this blogger heard from other students via CNN, who said that the star of the debate club was “geeky but cute” and also humble and quiet in the first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thIHPMRq1C4

On YouTube, in the previous video, Nick Foles wrote: “I go to Arapahoe and actually not very many people thought of him as a love-able person or the last person to do this. He is known for his obscene anger issues. For example two years ago, a kid brought donuts for after a track practice and some kid stole his donut. Do you know what he did? he started choking the kid until his face was purple and people had to pry his fingers off of the kids neck. Sounds nice huh? ”

A Mosley wrote “where are you getting your facts from?”

And Gobuffs14 wrote “His nickname was Crazy Karl… probably not the most lovable guy.”

So now, we have a better picture of the real Karl Pierson: a guy who would get off the chart pissed off and take drastic action. The question is, what did Tracy Murphy do in the process of demoting him in the Speech and Debate group, that set him off?

And to go with that, Karl Pierson was said to have has a recent violent outburst. He went out to get a drink of water, came back, found the door locked, and pounded on it with such force, it scared the members of the group that were meeting at the time.

Stay tuned.

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