Arapahoe High School Colorado Shooting: Suspect Killed Himself

SWAT teams with students at Arapahoe High School (Twitter)

Arapahoe High School was the focus of the latest shooting in America.

An as-of-now unnamed student of this 2,200-student Centenial, Colorado high school, armed with a shot-gun, came to the school specifically looking for one teacher.  He asked for that teacher by name.

According to CNN and MSNBC, that teacher managed to get out of the building once he was notified by someone and ahead of the students arrival to his room. On the way to the teacher’s room, two students were shot, one girl in serious condition, the other student wounded and in stable condition, by the student shooter.

All of this happened just 15 miles from Colombine, and not far from Aurora, CO, where the 2012 Aurora theater shooting happened.


SWAT Police were called to the scene and immediately ran into the school looking for the shooter.  They found him dead on the scene, the victim of his own gun shot to himself.

It was also almost one year to the day of the Newtown Shooting, which will fall on Saturday, December 14th.

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