Sammy Davis, Jr. Collection Bought By NanoTech Of San Jose

051712-health-cancer-stars-sammy-davis-jr NanoTech Entertainment of San Jose, Ca. announced the purchase of a collection of memorabilia, rare audio tapes, and videos from the estate of Sammy Davis, Jr. The collection contains over 2,500 videos, most of which were personally catalogued and labeled by Mr. Davis himself.

While some of the music will be licensed to Warner Brothers Music and some items setup for a permanent exhibition at the Rat Pack Museum in Las Vegas, the majority of the content will be available through NanoTech Entertainment’s streaming channels. This Sunday would have marked the remarkable performer’s 88th birthday.

Originally acquired at the “Butterfield & Butterfield” estate auction in 1991 by a collector, the estate was later featured on the History Channel. The individual who bought the collection in 1991 sold it in 2004 to Arthur Mrozowski, CEO of Magic Screen 3D. For many years, Arthur searched for the perfect company to preserve this historic collection. The Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas considered using the collection as a permanent display, but it shut down in 2011.

After living in storage for years, Arthur sold the collection to NanoTech Entertainment. NanoTech Entertainment is now in the process of completing a full inventory of the collection, with the final goal being to make the audio and video available on all of its streaming channels.

“After a long time, we finally found the perfect home for the Sammy Davis Jr. video library,” said Mrozowski. “NanoTech has the capabilities to convert the files, but more importantly I know they share my passion for the collection. They will continue to preserve the legacy of Sammy Davis, Jr. and help to re-establish visibility of these assets after many years.”

“At NanoTech, we believe in the importance of preserving the history of this iconic entertainer,” said Alex “Lx” Rudis, vice president of product development at NanoTech Entertainment. “I have only sorted through one case of materials, but I have already discovered Sammy Davis, Jr.’s personal collection of Frank Sinatra tapes and an Oscar Peterson recording. This collection truly gives you an insight into Mr. Davis’ life and by making this historic collection available on NanoTech’s channels, we are allowing it to live on for future generations.”

In addition to the 2,500 audio and videotapes, the collection also includes two stage cases, one personal audio and video case, reel-to-reel studio master tapes, and an 8mm personal film collection. NanoTech Entertainment is currently exploring the possibility of doing both a live exhibit in addition to an online exhibit.

Stay tuned.