Grant Gustin Becomes The Flash For 2014 In This Video

the_flash_tv_show_wallpaper_by_chris_alvarez-d469nco Grant Gustin, the Glee star who plays the Warblers lead singer Sebastian, has found himself a life-changing role in playing Barry Allen / The Flash in both the current TV series on The CW, The Arrow, and a to-be–released Fall 2014 show called The Flash.

In this blogger’s last post, we looked at the scene where Barry Allen made his appearance as a special guest on The Arrow. To recap, Barry Allen is a police scientist who comes from Central City and who works with Oliver Queen, Felicity and Diggle to apprehend a super-human criminal.

Here, we see the 21st Century television version of how Barry Allen becomes The Flash:

Just for grins, I found the 1990 version of the same lab accident, as expressed in The FLash starring John Wesley Shipp as The Flash / Barry Allen. A look shows that the 2013 rendition is only slightly different from this one, in that Allen’s alone in the first one, where the 1990 TV series has Shipp paired with Alex Desert, who plays Julio Mendez, Allen’s lab co-worker and best friend. Beyond that, John Wesley Shipp looks to be a bit older at that time, in his 30s, where’s Grant Gustin’s obviously in his 20s. (I find that, overall, it seems a number of leading men and women are younger today than their counterparts 20 years ago. Why that is, I do not know.)

Check it out:

According to The SeattleP.I. and TV Guide, Grant Gustin paid a visit to DC All Access to talk about his role as Barry Allen / The Flash, last week.

Here’s the video:

The Arrow series resumes January 15th 2014 at 8pm ET on the CW with the episode “Blast Radius.”

Stay tuned.

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